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Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Iba Osun

I give power to the mystery of the power of woman. through whom all humans come into the world.  And are natured to maturity and strength.  That, I may be blessed and prosper in life.  So that all my Ire may flow to me in dazzling abundance.  May my life be as sweet as honey.

Sweet Mother Osun

I call on you

I call on you for love

I call on you for wealth

I call on you for protection from harm

I call on you for good health

I call on you for fertility

I call on you for success to achieve my goals in life

Give love to your child who prays for love

Give wealth to your child who prays for wealth’

Give success to your child who prays for success

Give health to your child who prays for good health

Give a husband to your child who prays for a husband

Give a wife to your child who prays for a wife

Give clients to your child who prays for clients

Give divine love to your child who prays for divine love








Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Iba Osun

My mother, the Irunmole of Great Power and Great Wisdom, I give praise

I beg, my Mother , restore the mystery of womans power in full, that we may have balance, justice and righteousness in the earth.

Osun, through the fully restored mystery of woman’s power, teach men the humility that will check and restrain their arrogance.

So that wisdom, goodness and enlightenment may sustain the earth, and undergrid the character of human relations in the world…




Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Praise to the Great Mother,

I give respect to the sacred mystery of the power of woman, through whom all humans come into this world,  and  natured to maturity and strength. I also give respect and homage to the wisdom of divine motherhood, and that its wisdom showers me always in abundance. I pray to always have a blessed healthy life, a healthy and strong body, a sound mind, excellent senses, with excellent sight and hearing abilities with energy and stamina to always over come any challenge. I pray to always have a holistic family with healthy functional values and a cooperativeness of stand up, loving warm, compassionate support.

I humbly ask,  that, I am blessed  to prosper now and throughout my life times.  So that all my Ire and Good Fortune may flow to me and through me in dazzling abundances, and that I am blessed to always have a life  as sweet as honey. And I pray that this Ase and power supports me with a  momentum that is always 1000 times stronger than the previous day and each day into eternity and lasts for  life time after life time again and again and again.

Ase, ase, ase, se O!


Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Iba Osun

Praise to the Great Mother,

The owner of the Mystery of Woman’s Power

The one who effortlessly nullified the power of 400 Irunmole when they foolishly ignored her and disrespected her because she was a woman. Without her, she decided, they could do nothing. And everything they attempted failed.  Their efforts proved fruitless.  Their exertions were futile. Their power proved null and void.  They were forced to prostrate themselves, to appeal to her, to beg her forgiveness and to include her in all their counsels

Osun, who restored their effectiveness once they paid homage to her.  We are not so foolish as to respect the mystery of woman’s power.  Lest our effectiveness be nullified, and all our efforts come to nothing.



I believe in Olorun, the Owner of Heaven and Earth and in Obatala the owner of Divine light and Wisdom and his First Luitenant Orunmile and in the Esu the Lord who opens our cross roard and in Ogun who paves our way.

I believe in the powers of the Egun our Ancestors who are our Guardian Spirits who serve to protect us and return to the Abode of Heaven to sit at the feet of Olodumare.

I believe in Orun, Ile and Aiye spheres who guide us on our journeys through out our lives and allows us to lead prosperious and productive lives.

I believe in Osun who provides my life with the blessings of Love, Compassion and all the finer things in life and the best Companionship in my life. And finer sensual sensations. I believe in Osun who provides me with the wealth beyond all my expectations.

I believe in Yemonja who provides all my Maternal abilities to make me the Strongest Mother I can be.

I believe in Oya the strongest female warrior who earns her respect through the winds. As the owner of the market place Oya commands success in our endeavors of business and prosperity.

Ase O!

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to THE DAUGHTER’S OF OSUN BLOG.  We are here to share life challenging experiences woman to woman,  mother to mother, grand mother to grand mother, wife to wife, and  sister to sister, dialogues.

Many great women will share intimate dialogues on these  pages to come.  With intent to restore the Rights of Passages Ceremonies  and the many blessings we can acquire from a Child to an Elder by inviting these principles back into our lives.

We will send out email blogs informing you when we are going to have retreats, women’s ceremonies, initiations, naming ceremonies etc.  We are about women’s healing and empowerment.  We hope to grow into a strong and powerful Women’s Society of Compassionate women supporting women.  Stay tuned in and forward this information to your sister friends with like minds.  Send an email if you wish to be considered.

If we can be of service to you don’t hesitate to contact us.  Ase O!

Peace, Love and Wellness

Iya Adunni Falade